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Maltese puppies

a few in the oven :)  




I currently have  two females and one male.  I fell in love with the breed when i became disabled and had to stay home.  They have been the best therapy for me and i hope to raise some quality and special maltese for others to enjoy as i have.  We have AKC and CKC registrations. They are fed Royal Canin and so are my adults.  They have top of the line food and has never been on the recall list. We used Eukanuba for a good while but since they have been on the recall list a few times and have chicken bi-products i have decided to go with this.  It is more expensive but they eat so little each day.  And after all they are my special babies. :)  I use the one with the Yorkshire on the front.  In two months time, no more tanlges and mats.  This food is wonderful.  I am not a kennel and i only breed Maltese in our home with us.  They are very small dogs and do require grooming but they do not shed. We have a good Vet that has taken care of all my adults through there puppyhood.  I will add a page about the breed. (follow my links, there is a link to tell you about the AKC Maltese Standard)


They are very small and delicate breed.(average 4 to 7pds)  My biggest adult is 5.5 pounds.  Great for people that are home alot. They are very loving and loyal, also let you know if there is any noise that you may not hear outside or inside the house :) All seem to blend in and adapt into the family easily.  



Before you choose a breed, i hope you will read up about them.  Maltese are not for everyone.  They are very loyal and loving compainions.

If you would like to contact me.

Susan Caskey

Simsboro, LA 71275




Lilly 5.5 pds 


LAYLA 4.5 pds

Bristol my little stud muffin 4.3 pds@ 15 months AKC DNA'd


The Maltese breed is the purest of purest looking dogs. They have a silky smooth white coat that makes them hard to resist picking up and cuddling! Our Maltese puppies are very affectionate and gentle; they will win over your heart.

The Maltese breed is very easy to maintain as they are easy to train and are mild-mannered.   We use puppy pads inside our house and they are so smart to use them.   You should brush through there hair and wipe there eyes out with a warm rag (like you would yours J )  The Maltese is well built and a stride as it moves almost looking like the dog is floating with the flowing white hair.  

The lifespan of a Maltese is 12 to 14 years so you have plenty of time to enjoy your new family member. Because of the temperament of the Maltese they are an excellent dog for the elderly and disabled. As you can see, this is a very versatile breed that adapts quickly to their new environment.





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